April Limited Welcome Party course 【Fortunate of the Sea / Five of the Yamanobe】 【Attached with 120 minutes of drinking】 ◆ 4500 yen → 3500 yen ◆

April Limited Welcome Party course 【Fortunate of the Sea / Five of the Yamanobe】 【Attached with 120 minutes of drinking】 ◆ 4500 yen → 3500 yen ◆

By using a coupon3500 yen

120 minutes you can drink with, is 3500 yen including tax in coupon use

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All-you-can-drink available

All-you-can-drink menu whopping more than 100 kinds! Sapporo Classic draft beer, ♪ with potato shochu, barley shochu

Sashimi and Yamanomiyaki This is a course featuring seasonal ingredients including seasonal ingredients including seasonal ingredients.

Course menu

■ 3 kinds of grandchild

■ Ocean Fortune Yamanoyuki Five Strips Assorted

We carefully selected the good fish fresh every day.

■ Saute of young chicken Honey mustard sauce

■ Healthy chicken raw ham and crispy burdock salad

Deep-fried soba island

Prawns of shrimp and rape flowers

■ Bamboo rice with bamboo shoot

■ handmade desserts

Chef's homemade desserts.

All-you-can-drink menu

·draft beer
Sapporo Classic
· Hydration, Oolong Hi, Green Tea High, Jasmine High, Shoellem, Shochu Lemmon, Sho Calpis, Lime Sour, Lemon Sour, Calpis Sour, Blue Apple Sour, Big Peak Sour, Giant Peap Calp Sour, Honey Yuzu Sour, Honey Apple Sour, Grapefruit sour, Yubari melon sour, Ribbon napolin sour, Man plum sour etc.
- Potato shochu, barley shochu
· [Potato] Satsuma whitecaps, [wheat] Ichiko
· About 50 kinds of bass 【【Peach> <Lychee> <Cassis> <Wine> <Milk> <Campari> <Sake> <Jin> <Vodka> <Lamb> <Tequila>] The base is about 50 kinds! Kuyanyan, FuzzyNABLE, Lychee Orange, Cassis Orange, Moscow Muur, gin tonic, American lemonade, operator, ka-aa milk, mojito and many others ♪
- Rice wine
· Makgeolis, Yuzu Makgeolli, Plum Makgeolli, Giant Peacock Makgeol, Blue Apple Makgeolli, Calpis Makgeolli, Acerola Makgeolli, Pomegranate Makgeolli
And other
· Wine, sake, plum wine (South High plum wine, red plum wine, white plum wine, black plum wine), apricot wine, whiskey (tris · square bottle), homemade tea shochu, bulking
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea, green tea, Jasmine tea, Calpis, Orange juice, Grapefruit juice, Pine juice, Coke, Ginger ale, Yubari melon soda, Ribbon napoline

Coupon that can be used

  • ◆ Draft beer including 120 minutes Seasonal course → Banquet number × 1000 yen discount ◆

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      At the time of booking
    • Conditions of use

      Can not be used with other tickets / services / more than 2 people / 1 pair 1 time / All-you-can-drink last order is 30 minutes ago

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of April 2018

2018/04/09 update