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Limited 【Seafood / Mountain Food 12 points / 9 dishes】 【Classical raw · local wine including 120 minutes drinking】 6000 yen → 5000 yen

Limited 【Seafood / Mountain Food 12 points / 9 dishes】 【Classical raw · local wine including 120 minutes drinking】 6000 yen → 5000 yen

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All-you-can-drink available

All you can drink menu 180 kinds or more! Sapporo classic of draft beer, local wine of Hokkaido, fruit wine, authentic shochu ♪

It is a course that feels the season for June only.Fresh seafood Seafood Seafood, Yamanobu 12 points a day.Wagyu beef grill · popular Kumamoto direct delivery superb horse sting.It is carefully selected popular course of all 9 dishes.

Course menu

■ 3 kinds of grandchild

■ seafood mountain vegetables sashimi 12 points Assorted

It has been incorporated carefully selected ingredients of the day.

■ Grilled beef cattle balsamic sauce

■ Japanese salad with new onion and sliced ​​mustard

■ When the salted miso butter roasted

■ Direct delivery from Kumamoto Premium horse sting

■ Traditional octopus and tomato's mozuku vinegar

■ seasonal grip two

■ handmade desserts

Chef's homemade desserts.

All-you-can-drink menu

·draft beer
Sapporo Classic
· Hydrangeo, Oolong Hi, Green Tea High, Jasmine High, Sho-Lime, Shochu Lemon, Sho Calpis, Lime Sour, Lemon Sour, Calpis Sour, Blue Apple Sour, Big Peak Sour, Giant Peap Calp Sour, Honey Yuzu Sour, Honey Apple Sour Grapefruit Sour, Yubari melon sour, Ribbon Napolin Sour mee sour
· About 50 kinds of bass 【【Peach> <Lychee> <Cassis> <Wine> <Milk> <Campari> <Sake> <Jin> <Vodka> <Lamb> <Tequila>] The base is about 50 kinds! Kuyanyan, FuzzyNABLE, Lychee Orange, Cassis Orange, Moscow Muur, gin tonic, American lemonade, operator, ka-aa milk, mojito etc. There are many ♪
- Rice wine
· Makgeolis,, Yuzu Makgeolli, Plum Makgeolli, Giant Peacock Makgeolli,, Blue Apples Makgeolis, Calpis Makgeolli,,, Acerola Makgeolli, Pomegranate Makgeolli
And other
· Wine, sake, plum wine, apricot sake, whiskey (tris · square bottle), baliking, tea distilled spirit
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea, green tea, Jasmine tea, Calpis, Orange juice, Grapefruit juice, Pine juice, Coke, Ginger ale, Yubari melon soda, Ribbon napolin, Calpis soda
· Shochu
· 【Potato】 Satsuma White Wave · Black Kirishima · Ichiban · Ocean · Ochochild, 【Wheat】 Nikko, Wakame 【Rice】 Shiraitake Shiro, Shiso】 Kokoro Taki, Kozue Tan Plum wine 【Awamori】 Remaining wave · Ruizen
· Local sake
· Kubota, Shibata, Hundred Treasures, Ogre Koshoro, Honorable Doctor, North Wins Phoenix, Ichinoseki, Hachihamaama, Ozeki
· Full-scale fruit wine
· Yuzu plum wine, Lemon plum wine, Sequacer plum wine, Honey plum wine, Red plum wine, White plum wine, Black plum wine, Plum wine sake, Takashi Ume plum wine, La French sake, Strawberry wine, Mango wine, Berry berry wine, Banana liquor, Haskur wine , Niagara sake,

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